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Since I’d Gone This Far, I Might As Well Turn Around

Extracting messages from Sphinx is fairly easy. Apart from the occasional obstacle here and there when dealing with non-plain text such as directives the machinery already in place makes it a straight-forward task. But collecting messages from documents is only half the battle in implementing Native Language Support for Sphinx — they also need to […]

Fine or Coarse?

I touched on message granularity in my proposal already and nailed down a pragmatic policy in my prototype: messages are basically split on a per-paragraph level. Inline markup is explicitly atomic and never propagated to a sole message.

It’s alive, it’s moving, IT’S ALIVE!

I have pushed an early prototype of a PO builder — boldly called MessageCatalogBuilder — to Sphinx. I previously announced this to be a Sphinx extension but changed my mind and incorporated it into Sphinx’ core because patching translation sets into doctrees is likely a tightly integrated task. It extends the build mechanism by a […]

Warming up…

So for starters I wrote a sidebar extension inspired by Python Sidebar (of Edgewall credit). I initially planned to file a simple patch but it grew into a full-fledged extension so the commit history is pretty meaningless now. Behind the scenes it still took about five iterations to get this Done Right.