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Making Ponies Fly

Separate from the tremendous amount of feedback from the community I quickly want to outline the pydotorg setup for later reuse. We have the most recent versions of Sphinx (with Native Language Support), Pootle and Translate Toolkit running from checkout on our servers and a current checkout of the Sphinx project source in question. There […]

The Way We Roll

Without further ado I would like to announce the beta launch of the Python translation services, available at I am reprinting the full announcement made to the Python Documentation Special Interest Group here for posterity: Dear Python Documentation community, we are proud to announce the *BETA* launch of the translation services for the official […]

Into the Wheel Shop

To rehash quickly, the Sphinx Natural Language Support project actually spans two very different aspects: a Sphinx extension to extract/incorporate translatable strings an interface to maintain translations It turns out the latter half is already partially solved by Pootle and I can build on that instead of rolling my own half-baked ad-hoc web interface.