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Into the Wheel Shop

To rehash quickly, the Sphinx Natural Language Support project actually spans two very different aspects:

  • a Sphinx extension to extract/incorporate translatable strings
  • an interface to maintain translations

It turns out the latter half is already partially solved by Pootle and I can build on that instead of rolling my own half-baked ad-hoc web interface.

Now this changes my whole schedule (sigh) and I can concentrate on improving Pootle in the second term of the summer. We have a handful of priorities which will enable a pydotorg setup and wide-spread adoption of a Sphinx-Pootle conflation.


Pootle is easy_installable per se but behaves a bit strangely in virtual environments due to absolute paths in its setup. There are packages in Debian stable but they are old as the hills and not of any particular use as we expect changes to Pootle during this summer, aight. (I do not want to downplay Debian, and Pootle 2.x is already in the next release pool.)


The most dramatic changes are going to be about Change Tracking. Pootle needs to grow facilities to show differences between updates, ie. several versions of message catalogs. Pootle already features checkers for a couple of metrics and should probably be extended by reStructuredText validation.

I have started discussion with the Pootle developers and they welcomed my plans.

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