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Casting South

I have set sails for the Community Bonding Period and am veering away from the Sphinx codebase to more research-related realms.

I abandoned the XLIFF format ­— as there really is no point in duplicate representation — and will focus my efforts on PO files. I am going to dive into gettext family of translation toolsuites to get an impression not only of the PO File Format Specification but of the whole normative landscape of solutions.

The new tool will require user feedback, user feedback, and user feedback and thus I require the community to help in building the best possible workflow for them. I will reach out to some projects in the future but appreciate contributions from anybody. (Py-Tutorial-de, I’m looking at you! hint hint)

I discussed the change tracking mechanism briefly with Martin and we concluded that walking the version history is a complex task which might require more time and skill than I have at hand. Thus it is desirable to save revision information explicitly in message catalogs.

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  1. Daniel Neuhäuser | May 12, 2010 at 16:36 | Permalink

    I do not think the actual format you store the data in is that important. Once you have a proper datastructure it should not matter if you use PO(or a modified version), JSON, YAML, pickle or if you store it in a database.

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